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Daylight Saving Time 2016

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Just a friendly reminder that for folks in Pennsylvania need to remember to “spring ahead” and set their clocks ahead 1 hour before they go to bed on Saturday, March 12, to make sure they are on time for whatever plans they may have for Sunday.


“‘I still don’t have a sense of self’”

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This January 19, 2016 article on the Madison Commons website, written by Samantha Silverman talks about one woman’s personal experiences with life as a homeless person trying to blend in and make the best of a bad situation while trying to attend college.

“Many Poor Families Struggle To Afford Diapers. These Lawmakers Want To Help Them.”

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An article talking about what some Lawmakers are trying to do to help poor people meet their basic need for clean diapers for their children

“What Poverty Does to Your Brain”

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This July 22, 2015 attn: article is lengthy, but talks about recent and ongoing studies that are finding through the use of brain imaging, there seems to be a correlation between the amount of grey matter that a person develops in their brain and the income level of their household.  Areas of the brain that seem to be most effected are those areas that regulate behavior and could be a reason about why people from low-income households seem to be at a higher risk of developing disorders such as AD/HD.  Other factors that are being considered as well as the brain imaging, include genetic and environmental factors like air quality and noise pollution, lead exposure, and nutrition.

“State Senator Sandoval Calls For Lowering Tax Rate On Diapers”

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This January 28, 2015  CBS: Chicago article talks about how Illinois State Senator Sandoval is pushing to decrease the taxation of baby diapers in his state.  He acknowledges it will be a loss in tax revenue, but it is something that would help many families with small children which is good for everyone in the state.

Illinois State Senate

Illinois State Senate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“”Every Little Bottom” – The story by Huggies” [Video]

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This YouTube video was uploaded by Acrumble31 on December 31, 2011 and is a summary of the “Every Little Bottom” study done by Huggies on the topic of Diaper Need in the United States.

“Diaper Need Awareness Week September 8 to 14 , 2014”

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September 8 – 14, 2014 is National Diaper Need Awareness week and is designed to help raise awareness about the broad impact that not having enough clean diapers can have on families in need.

luier, diaper

luier, diaper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“When poor parents can’t afford diapers, babies wear dirty diapers longer”


English: Disposable diaper, size 12-25kg/26-55lb.

English: Disposable diaper, size 12-25kg/26-55lb. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This April 10, 2014 St. Louis Post-Dispatch article talks about diaper need and the impact it can have on every aspect of a family.  The article points out that some who are desperate to get diapers will resort to stealing them because that feel they have no other option for being able to provide clean diapers for their child.

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“Portland nonprofit combats a hidden health crisis: The need for diapers”


Location of the Portland metro area

Location of the Portland metro area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This April 1, 2014 Portland Business Journal article talks about a non-profit that was established in 2012 to address diaper need in the Portland area.

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“An Essential Need – Diapering Every Little Bottom”

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This Junior League of Pittsburgh article is another example of what diaper need looks like and includes a request for help within the Pittsburgh area.

English: Coat of arms of the city of Pittsburg...

English: Coat of arms of the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania On a field Sable, a fess chequy Argent et Azure, between three bezants bearing eagles rising with wings displayed and inverted Or. For crest, Sable a triple-towered castle masoned Argent. Category:Images of Pittsburgh Category:Official seals of places in Pennsylvania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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