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“Diaper Shortage in the 1940’s and Congress was to blame!”

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This piece by Kim Rosas on the “Dirty Diaper Laundry” blog talks about Congress issuing orders to ration cloth diapers, and forbidding the military from using cloth diapers to clean their weapons.  Despite the rationing Diaper services experienced a lot of growth during this time not only because of the first of the baby boomers being born, but also because women who traditionally would have been in charge of washing cloth diapers had gone to work in factories to help build planes and other items, so they had less time to be able to wash diapers.  Diaper services thrived because of the shift in the workforce based on what this blog post discusses.


“Poor see diaper shortage”

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This April 13, 2014 Columbia Daily Tribune article in Columbia, Missouri talks about the struggle diaper banks face in trying to meet the needs of those who can’t afford diapers.

Daddy Diaper

Daddy Diaper (Photo credit: Sellers Patton)

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“Being Tight On Money, Short On Diapers Brings Health Issues”

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This October 27, 2013 NPR segment which includes both text and audio versions, talks about diaper need and mentions other items such as personal hygiene items and cleaning supplies that can be difficult for people who are in poverty to purchase.  The segment also talks about the effect that not having these items can have on the entire family both physically and mentally.

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Logo used during 1970s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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