“EXCLUSIVE: City schools to offer free feminine hygiene products”

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This March 14, 2016 article talks about what is happening in 25 New York City Schools in an effort to aid female students in having access to feminine hygiene items while they are at school.


“A Mother’s Day Wish for Moms in Poverty”

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This article dated May 5, 2016, by Joanne Goldblum Founder and Executive Director, National Diaper Bank Network.  Talks about what Mothers Day is like and what it should be for Mom’s in poverty.

“How the poor pay more for diapers”

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This March 14, 2016 article I found on the Reading Eagle website talks about why diapers are more expensive for low-income families than they are for those with higher incomes.

“Life Deconstructed: Giving without judgment”

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This April 8, 2016 column on the Times Leader website talks about the writer’s experience with giving to others and not pre-judging them.


American policy fails at reducing child poverty because it aims to fix the poor

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This April 4, 2016 article found on the Washington Post website talks about what is and isn’t working in the fight against poverty in the United States.

“Why the poor pay more for toilet paper — and just about everything else”

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This March 8, 2016 Washington Post article offers a more detailed look at why even toilet paper is more expensive for low-income people than it is for people with higher incomes.

“The high cost of being poor”

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This March 28, 2016 article on CBS.com talks about the multitude of fees faced by low-income people, but not incurred by those in higher income brackets.  fees range from check cashing fees to higher interest rates on loans to higher cost for a parking ticket and even more expensive toilet paper.

“Lowest income diaper buyers in U.S. must spend almost 14% of after-tax income on diapers”

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This March 16, 2016 article found on the Tyler Morning Telegraph talks about the large chunk that diapers takes out of the budget of low-income families.

“The New White House Diaper Program Is Great, but Poor Families Need Something Better”

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This March 17, 2016 article found on Slate.com talks about efforts being made to reduce diaper need.  It also talks about new studies being done to see if a practical solution can be found to improve access to diapers to those struggling to afford an adequate supply of diapers.

Daylight Saving Time 2016

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Just a friendly reminder that for folks in Pennsylvania need to remember to “spring ahead” and set their clocks ahead 1 hour before they go to bed on Saturday, March 12, to make sure they are on time for whatever plans they may have for Sunday.