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“Is There A Clinical Intervention For Not Having Toilet Paper?”

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This July 2015 article from New Haven Conn. talks about how agencies that serve populations that include low-income people can save money on services by asking their clients if they have a vacuum, or money to buy toilet paper or other basic necessities to keep up a clean home and family.


1946 Disney production on Menstruation

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This 10 minute animated film produced by Walt Disney in 1946 attempts to demystify menstruation.

“A Squeamish New Dad’s Guide To Diapers”

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This March 2, 2015 Adequate Man article offers tips for new Dads who are squeamish about the idea of changing their baby’s diapers.

“Experts Advise on Treating Diaper Rash”

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This January 6, 2015 article on The talks about types of diaper rashes, and ways to treat and prevent them.

Babies R Us Diaper Guide

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This article was found on the Babies R Us website and talks about the different types of diapers available and offers some insight into how many diapers may be needed in the first year of the child’s life.

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