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Study: Diaper Need and its impact on child health

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This study on diaper need indicates there could be a connection between diaper need and the mental health of the mother in addition to the economic status of the mother.

The pdf file for the study can be found either using the link at the beginning of this post or through this link to the  Study: Diaper Need and its Impact on Child Health



“You’re an Olympian. You have your period. Now what?”

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This August 2, 2016 article on the Fusion news website by Marisa Kabas, talks about the lack of research that has been done with regards to female athletes and the impact their menstrual cycle has on their ability to compete.  It also mentions that many studies will disqualify a female who is menstruating from being part of a study though the reason for this is unclear.  There are things that athletes can do to control their cycle, but even then nobody really knows if this can help or hinder athletic performance.  the article points out that approximately 41% of female athletes say their period symptoms impact their performance, but still very little research has been done to study the claim.

I know it isn’t a poverty related article, but I felt that it did offer a lot of interesting information to think about and consider as we each decide if it is a good idea to continue the taboos around menstruation or not.

“Why the poor pay more for toilet paper — and just about everything else”

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This March 8, 2016 Washington Post article offers a more detailed look at why even toilet paper is more expensive for low-income people than it is for people with higher incomes.

“What Poverty Does to Your Brain”

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This July 22, 2015 attn: article is lengthy, but talks about recent and ongoing studies that are finding through the use of brain imaging, there seems to be a correlation between the amount of grey matter that a person develops in their brain and the income level of their household.  Areas of the brain that seem to be most effected are those areas that regulate behavior and could be a reason about why people from low-income households seem to be at a higher risk of developing disorders such as AD/HD.  Other factors that are being considered as well as the brain imaging, include genetic and environmental factors like air quality and noise pollution, lead exposure, and nutrition.

“”Every Little Bottom” – The story by Huggies” [Video]

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This YouTube video was uploaded by Acrumble31 on December 31, 2011 and is a summary of the “Every Little Bottom” study done by Huggies on the topic of Diaper Need in the United States.

“Many low-income moms struggle to afford diapers”

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This July 29, 2013 WICU-12 Erie, PA article talks about diaper need, what it is and some of the effects it can have on families, in addition to discussing what age groups are more at risk of experiencing diaper need.

English: Erie PA on Lake Erie latitude 42.1145...

English: Erie PA on Lake Erie latitude 42.114507 longitude -80.076213 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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“The Bottom Line …”


Royal Bank Plaza, Toronto, Canada

Royal Bank Plaza, Toronto, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This The Diaper Bank of Toronto article talks about diaper need, and the impact it has on those experiencing it. There are also some links to resources offering an expanded view of diaper need.

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“Diaper Need and Its Impact on Child Health”

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This article in Pediatrics: The Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics is the first peer-reviewed article published in the journal on diaper need and the effects it has on the families who are struggling to keep children in clean diapers.

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