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“At the Diaper Bank of NC, hoping the donations in the wake of theft continue”


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This June 18, 2014 article on the & News Observer website talks about an ongoing story involving a North Carolina Diaper bank that was robbed down to bare shelves, and the outpouring of help from across the country as the story of what happened made national headlines.  The need will continue long after the diaper bank has recovered from being robbed, they hope that those helping now will continue their support for years to come, and as stated in the article the folks at the Diaper Bank in North Carolina hope that people will reach out to meet the need in their own local community also.


“The ‘diaper need’ among the poor”

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This May 8, 2014  Daytona Times article talks about diaper need, and what something like a box of diapers can do to help an entire family

Diaper wallet

Diaper wallet (Photo credit: goldberg)

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“Poor see diaper shortage”

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This April 13, 2014 Columbia Daily Tribune article in Columbia, Missouri talks about the struggle diaper banks face in trying to meet the needs of those who can’t afford diapers.

Daddy Diaper

Daddy Diaper (Photo credit: Sellers Patton)

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“An Essential Need – Diapering Every Little Bottom”

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This Junior League of Pittsburgh article is another example of what diaper need looks like and includes a request for help within the Pittsburgh area.

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“Hospital Seeks 10,000 Diapers”

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This February 26, 2014 article talks about a diaper bank’s drive to collect diapers, but also highlights some of the reasons that diapers are important.


Diapers and covers

Diapers and covers (Photo credit: Chris and Jenni)


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“Flynn’s Tire sponsors food bank diaper drive”

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This March 19, 2014 article on The Cranberry Eagle website talks about a Diaper drive that is part of a student’s Senior Project.  While I realize that folks visiting my blog may not be near this particular drive, I feel that sharing items about such drives is a good way to raise awareness about the issues surrounding diaper need among the poor.


A Diaper Genie.

A Diaper Genie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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