“You’re an Olympian. You have your period. Now what?”

Article Link

This August 2, 2016 article on the Fusion news website by Marisa Kabas, talks about the lack of research that has been done with regards to female athletes and the impact their menstrual cycle has on their ability to compete.  It also mentions that many studies will disqualify a female who is menstruating from being part of a study though the reason for this is unclear.  There are things that athletes can do to control their cycle, but even then nobody really knows if this can help or hinder athletic performance.  the article points out that approximately 41% of female athletes say their period symptoms impact their performance, but still very little research has been done to study the claim.

I know it isn’t a poverty related article, but I felt that it did offer a lot of interesting information to think about and consider as we each decide if it is a good idea to continue the taboos around menstruation or not.


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